It always amazes me when makeup & hair artists tell me that networking doesn’t work. For some reason its like introducing a completely foreign concept to them. I might as well be talking to them in Japanese when I tell them to network with their peers. Most artists see other hair and makeup professionals as their competition. “Network with them, why would I do that???” The truth is that if you want to work on commercials, music videos, film, or television, you absolutely must network with your peers. Most things that are filmed or taped for broadcast have more than one makeup/ hair artist. This means that you have a higher likelihood of being hired or referred by a Key Artist than you would a producer or director. Makeup Department Head, Jori Jenae said it best, “It’s the only way to get work.” She receives hundreds of resumes for the hit show Boston Legal. Because she gets so many resumes, she only reads the ones that say, “referred to you by xyz artist” or “I met you somewhere.” Networking not only works, it’s the difference between getting work or complaining that you don’t have any.

June Los Angeles Industry Networking Event 2008

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Makeup Maverick


September 18, 2008. Hair & Makeup Jobs, Hair & Makeup Marketing.

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