Working with celebrities

Last year I got the honor of working as a Makeup Artist for Ms. Geena Davis. It was my first time working with Geena and her hair stylist of fifteen years. Its a strange to be the newcomer in a long standing relationship. Obviously Geena had and her stylist had a natural repore with each other (which made my position even more awkward). I learned very quickly how territorial artists can be with with the talent. However, I learned a few interesting things that morning about working with high profile celebrities. I watched very closely how Geena’s stylist pampered her. He combed her hair a million times, made sure the lighting was just right, and waited on her hand and foot. The reason movie stars chose a personal artist is because of the relationship that is built between the talent and the artist. You have to remember that you are providing a service and its the extra touches that make you stand out. So working with stars means giving star treatment. Being a hair or makeup artist is a very personal job. You are the first person they see in the morning, and the last person they see before they leave. Its care that you give to your client that makes them keep coming back. Its up to you to determine the situation and add your personal touches.

Makeup Maverick


September 18, 2008. Hair & Makeup Marketing, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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