Negotiating: Know Your Rates & Ask Questions

I’ve been working as a makeup artist long enough to know to ask a lot of questions when booking a job. You need to ask how many hours, if its a half or full day, turn around time for pay, how many talent, if they are male or female, if its light grooming, full makeup, or makeup and hair. All of these factors will determine your rate, job’s terms of agreement, and whether or not you will need an assistant. Know what your rates are for each scenario and make sure its clear to the client how much time you need to do your job efficiently. Remember, most producers have no concept of how long it takes to do hair or makeup.

I recently booked a job with the understanding that I was only doing light touch ups on two women. When the client called back the next day to confirm, my contact person had changed. So once again I confimed the number of talent. It s a good thing I asked because the client was now confirming three people instead of two. I had to renegotiate the rate and make sure they understood it was light touch ups only. This meant the women were to come camera ready and I was not styling hair.

I sent over a confirmation agreement stating the terms. They signed the document, scanned it, and emailed it back to me. This meant if I was asked to do anything outside the agreement, the rate would change. Always ask questions when booking a job and never be afraid to ask for more if the terms change. Demand respect by showing your client you are a smart business person.

If you are interested in confirmation agreements go to:

Makeup Maverick


September 19, 2008. Hair & Makeup Jobs, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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