Meeting the Makeup Team of “Boston Legal”

michelle A couple of months ago The Makeup Department Head of “Boston Legal,” Jori Jenae Murray taught a class for HMAN on Hair & Makeup Marketing.  At the end of the class, Jori was kind enough to invite the class attendees to visit her makeup trailer.  At the time, “Boston Legal” had not begun shooting.  I really wanted to wait to visit when the show was in full swing.  Last Friday, after I sorted out a few scheduling conflicts, I took Jori up on her offer.

It was a late call for them so the production lot was quite empty. I drove up and parked my car expecting to only go into the makeup trailer.  I was really surprised when she took me directly on set.  I got to watch a bit of the court room taping with Candice Bergen, but most importantly for me, I got to meet the entire Hair & Makeup team of “Boston Legal.”  Of course the show has its permanent team, but they also have group of day players they call in to help out as well. Each one of these union day players works on other television shows.  I got a chance to talk with all the artists and they were so warm and gracious.  I even got invited to visit the set of “Dancing with the Stars.”  I never knew that you could come to the set as an invited guest of any of the crew.  I always assumed the sets were completely closed.

In that moment I realized something- In five minutes I just met and networked with anyone and everyone I needed to meet.  It’s crazy to think that I spent years faxing resumes and going to networking events to meet people like the ones I met on Friday night.  All it took was for me to take the time to call Jori and visit her at work.  What is even crazier, is that out of a class of twenty people, only myself and one other person took Jori up on her offer.

I’ve heard other Makeup and Hair Artists complain about how there is no work.  I’ve heard them talk about how difficult it is to get onto a union show.  I just can’t help but think, “how many of them are networking to get the work?”  All it takes is a few minutes to send a text to your contact and follow through on visiting the set.  Every one of these Hair and Makeup Artists are working and probably trading work with each other. I’m sure they got the job because they knew someone and not because they sent over a blind resume.  I’m just shocked at how many people didn’t take the time to visit the set.  If you don’t make the effort you can’t complain about your employment status!

The Hair & Makeup Artist Network is about networking.  So what do you do if you don’t know anyone like Jori Jenae Murray?  You join a networking organization that has the contacts and connections that can help you. Essentially, everyone in my network knows who I know.  My goal is to help you get to your dream.  All you have to do is join, start networking, ask for what you want, and most importantly follow through on what is offered to you!  For more information visit us at:

Michelle Lee

Makeup Maverick


November 6, 2008. Hair & Makeup Jobs, Networking.

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  1. NB replied:

    Tell us more about the visit to Boston Legal….give us some dirt!

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