Do you have a difficult time negotiating you rate?

michelle One of the things that we as artists struggle with is negotiating money. It’s something that we never feel comfortable doing, but its certainly a necessary evil. The problem is that if you negotiate too high you’ve bid yourself out of a job, but if you bid too low you’re undervaluing yourself. When I worked as a Makeup Artist in Washington D.C. it was pretty simple. All the artists had set rates. It was considered a huge no-no it low-ball the “set rates.” Unfortunately this was not the case when I moved to Los Angeles. It seems like the rates are all over the map here. I found myself making up numbers that were great for Virginia but certainly not for L.A. Out of ignorance, I was working for way less than what I could have made.

Since then I have done my research and now I know what to charge. But what do you do if you’re just starting out and you have no idea? I think it’s really important for all artists to know what the standard rates are and how to get paid what they are worth. This is one of the reasons I started The Hair & Makeup Artist Network. I really wanted to give both working artists and new talent support and a point of reference for their careers.

Recently at The Hair & Makeup Artist Network we launched “The Virtual Classroom.” The Virtual Classroom is a collection of classes we have had in the past with top people in the business. What makes us different is that we touch on topics that other people don’t, like negotiating rates. Don’t be left in the dark. Do your homework and start getting paid what you are worth.

For more information on this subject visit:

Learn from the best in the business by clicking on “Rate Negotiation with Imari from Cloutier Agency.”

Michelle Lee

Makeup Maverick


January 19, 2009. Hair & Makeup Jobs, Uncategorized, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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