Does The Thought Of High Def Scare You As A Makeup Artist?

The world of film and television is constantly evolving, therefore so does the art of makeup. At the turn of the century when films were new (and silent), makeup artists had to face the difficult challenge of adjusting their craft to work with the gradient scale of black and white. In those days it wasn’t uncommon to visit a set and find the actors wearing an odd color such as green on their face! As the cameras and lighting changed, pancake and cream foundations became widely used. Today, the cameras don’t lie! In fact, they show everything. This translates into Makeup Artists having to sharpen their skills and become the best artists they can possibly be. This means you can no longer fake it. You have to be the best at you job if you want to keep working.

I recently sat down and interviewed Jori Jenae, Makeup Department head from the hit show “Boston Legal.” One of the things that Jori stressed is that creating flawless skin is now crucial to being a great Makeup Artist. This means that Makeup Artists are going to have to become more knowledgeable about skin care. Additionally, we are going to have to learn the art of subtlety. Makeup is there to enhance, and if the makeup is taking center stage rather than the performance, something is definitely wrong! It’s time to brush up your skills and learn from the best in the business. To learn more about the art of high def makeup visit the virtual classroom of our website and watch Jori Jenae’s video tutorial.

Michelle Lee

Makeup Maverick


January 23, 2009. Hair & Makeup Jobs, Hair & Makeup Marketing, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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  1. BeautyTalk replied:

    Hi! Thanks for this post. The interview with Jori Jenae was interesting. It is really interesting to look “behind the scenes” of Makeup Department of a movie!

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