Does The Economy Have Your Career In A Rut?

I have to be honest, the state of the economy has everyone running scared. No one wants to spend any money. Commercial production is down which means less television production due to lack of sponsors, but I believe we must plow ahead. When times are tough you have to work harder to get the gigs. This means now is the time to get your name out there and network, network, network. Go to as many networking functions you can and hand out your card to everyone you meet. Ask for people’s business cards when you give them yours and follow up with them in a couple of days to say, “it was nice to meet you and keep me in mind.” Make yourself spend a couple of hours a day making phone calls to production companies and follow up with an email of your latest work. Remember, the squeaky wheel get the grease. Stay away from negative people who only talk about how bleak things are. You have to stay positive and motivated. Here are a few networking organizations to check out:

1. The Hair & Makeup Artist Network
2. Women In Film
3. Film Independent
4. Association of Bridal Consultants
5. America Association of Producers

Don’ t forget all the film festivals coming into your town. These are great places to meet people who will hire you as well!

For more on this topic or to attend our networking events visit:

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick


March 19, 2009. Tags: , . Hair & Makeup Jobs, Hair & Makeup Marketing, Networking, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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