Why Are Good Job Postings For Makeup & Hair Hard To Find?

michelle5I talk to so many artists who are in the industry and they are always looking online for job postings. Most of them will tell you that they go onto Craigslist, Myspace, Facebook, and other sites, but they just can’t find posting for high paying work on these sites. In fact, in the beginning I used to go on these sites myself looking for work. I did actually get a couple of jobs that payed $300 for the day, but that was just extremely unusual.

The more I talk to people in this industry who hire makeup and hair professionals, such as producers, directors, publicists, and so on, the more I understand why good job postings are so hard to find. The main reason is that there is just so much at risk when it comes to entertainment industry jobs. You really have to stop and realize what is at stake for the person who is hiring you. For films, it has taken that filmmaker a lot of time, effort, and convincing to get people to give them the funding to finance their project to begin with. This means that when they start filming there just isn’t a whole lot of room for error. In commercials, the client is paying thousands (if not millions) of dollars to produce that one commercial. When celebrities are involved, that celebrity’s image is on the line.

Let’s face it, the job of a Hair or Makeup Artist is such a crucial part of the production. Your work is seen by everyone because is out there on the talent for the world to see, and if you mess up, it can ruin the entire project (and reshoots are very expensive). There is so much riding on every aspect of the production going smoothly. This might sound a bit over-dramatic, but careers are at stake and this industry moves at a fast pace. There is not time to interview thirty people for the job and hope it works out. That is why the person who hires you can’t just post a job and hire anyone. This is an extremely competitive industry. For every director, producer, and photographer out there, there are a thousand more waiting to take their place. One false move can ruin a career. For this reason, people want a referral and not a job posting. That is why agents and networking are king in the world of entertainment. You want a job in this industry, you have to network and self-promote. Period.

Of course, The Hair & Makeup Artist Network has job postings, but they are really few and far between. The majority of the work that comes to the members of our Network are through referrals or networking. Yes, people call us looking for a Hair or Makeup Artist, but they just seem to want the referral rather than blindly posting a job. That is why networking is soooo important.

If you are interested in setting up a networking event in your area contact us by visiting:

Michelle Lee
Make Maverick


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    What do you mean, “is there anybody else here?” There is me, who else are you looking for?


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