How To Get More Hair & Makeup Jobs

new photo of meSo your a Hair/ Makeup Artist and you want to know how to make it as top celebrity artist. My advice is to start by getting organized. Before you can make it to the top you must have a clear vision for yourself. That means you must decide what you want type of a career you want to have. Do you want to work in film, maybe it’s weddings, or maybe you dream of being the next Kevin Aucoin. But how did Kevin Aucoin get to be the most sought after artist of his time? I can tell you one thing, it didn’t happen over night! The one thing I have learned from working in Hollywood is that success is a process or a journey.

When I graduated from Joe Blasco School of Makeup in 1997 I thought I success would come to me because I had training. Maybe it was the attitude that was taught to us in school, but they really enforced this idea of being better just because we went to their school. That might have been true when I was still working in Virginia because there wasn’t that much competition, and if there was competition, they certainly did not have formal training. So in that regard, I was different from everyone else. However, when I moved to Los Angeles in 2000, I learned very quickly that training was only the beginning. It took me a long time to understand that my training and experience was very minor in comparison to the people working here. I was no longer a big fish in a small pond. I was more like a speck on the map in my industry. I also learned that just because I wanted to work with celebrities or key my own commercials, it didn’t mean I was ready for it. In fact, at the time, I really had know idea how green I was!

Today, I mentor other artists. I have one artist that became frustrated when I looked at her book and told her it was a good start. It’s frustrating to her because she has been working for a year or more and it still isn’t going to attract a celebrity client base or a top agent. The reason for this is that it takes a very long time in this industry to build a celebrity clientele. It’s a process and it starts by having a clear vision of where you want to go with your career. Here a few tips:

1. Start by having a clear vision

2. You have to start asking yourself some questions: what do you want to be known for and who you want to know you? This will help you market and brand yourself

3. Build strong marketing materials such as a resume, portfolio, website, comp card, etc

4. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Go to every networking event possible and collect business cards. Also, always ask for business cards from people you work with!

5. Follow up with people within an email including a sample of your best work along with your contact info. Tell them it was very nice to meet them and to keep you in mind for the future!

6. Remember networking is a two way street. You should always think of ways you can be of service to others. People will be more receptive to helping you if they feel like you are helping them

7. Follow up with the people you send your information to. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! People will remember you more if you continue to stay in front of them

8. Stand out by adding the finishing touches! When you get the job maybe you can bring a small lipstick or hair product to your client. It will leave more of an impression on your client!

9. Maintain relationships by doing lunch with people

10. Stay on top of your game! It never hurts to update or increase your skills. Be the best in your industry by practicing and learning new techniques. It’s all about who you know but at the end of the day you still need to bring it!

11. Be professional by being on time, invoicing right away, and by running your business like a business. People will take you more seriously if you behave like a business professional and not a flaky artist.

12. Never stop networking and advertising your services

If all this is overwhelming we can help by doing the marketing for you or providing you with one-on-one career coaching. You are only as strong as your marketing plan. You can contact us by calling 323 913 9375.

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick


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  1. LOURDES GARCIA replied:


    • hmartists123 replied:

      You have to be willing to self-promote. That means advertising your services to people who will hire you. You also need to network with your peers as well as photographers, producers, directors, ect.

      If you want to learn more about this you can join our network by visiting or call us at 323 913 9375 to discuss our marketing programs for freelance artists.

  2. Elisabeth replied:

    I am wanting to get into the makeup industry primarily doing wedding and special events. I have no formal training and do not have a portfolio as of yet. What is the best way for a total newbie in the business to get out there when I have not photos showing my work and getting people to voluteer for free makeovers is harder than I thought.

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