Do you wonder why people don’t take your job seriously?

new photo of me 2I have had a lot of people complain that their friends and family members don’t take their career choice seriously. I guess when you think about it, telling someone you are a hair or makeup artist sounds like you a bunch of fluff or make believe. And in all honesty, a lot of people who hire us don’t really value what we do either. They have no idea how long it takes for us to do our jobs or how much our kits cost. Many people think of hiring a hair or makeup artist as an unnecessary expense. To make it worse, they call us the glam squad, the powder puff squad, vanities, or worse, fluff and puff. All of these terms just reinforce the idea that we are all just a bunch of airheads working a trivial profession. Although, I really don’t think it helps when act like a bunch of flakes. I have more clients complain that makeup/hair takes forever to invoice and then they expect immediate payment. I even have one client who is loyal to me because she has had too many other makeup artists not bother to show up for a live shoot. Many artists complain that they aren’t working but then don’t bother to even attend our networking events. I hear artists all the time say,”they just aren’t good at self-promotion”, but then they wonder why they are still working a day job.

Listening to these stories, it’s no wonder why the people who hire us don’t take us seriously. If you want respect to have to command it by being a business professional and not a flaky artist! If you want the producers, talent managers, and celebrity publicists to take your call then you must prove yourself to be someone of value to them. They only want to deal with people who have something to offer them or their clients. The producer and publicists are the networkers and hustlers of this town, and they only want to deal with people on their level. So if you want them to do business with you, rise to their level and learn to play the game. Don’t be unreliable or unprofessional. So, if you say you are going to call someone at a certain time, follow through with the call. If the invoice is due after a job, send it over immediately along with your W9 form. If you want to network with the pros, learn to give a little to get a little. People will be more open to do business with you if they feel you have something to ofter them. And the operative word in this sentence is doing business with you. Having someone hire you implies neediness. Doing business with someone implies a give and take relationship. When you approach your work with this mentality, then people will start to our profession with respect.

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick
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October 2, 2009. Tags: , , . Hair & Makeup Jobs, Hair & Makeup Marketing, Networking, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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  1. Kade Boteh replied:

    I agree completly, I worked with people who give me praise for being on time and so professional, and I always felt like “duh, that’s how I am supposed to be right?”. But I guess it’s because of a few poor examples before me who were less than professional.

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