Are You Affraid They Will Say “No” To Your Rate?

A few days ago I posted a blog about “How To Negotiate Your Rate.” A couple of the tips I gave was know your worth and be willing to walk away. I’m sure you might have thought, “easy for you say but I need the money.” The truth is that times are tough and we are all hurting financially. Although, I really believe we have to stand out ground when negotiating money.

The day before yesterday, I got a call to do makeup for a very well known person in the music industry. This was a personal request and the artist was going to be paying the rate out of their own pocket. The first important piece of information for me was that the artist was paying and not a large corporation. I know that artists will not pay as much as a corporation for obvious reasons. The assistant asked my my rate and then quoted some ridiculously low rate she was told. I immediately told her, “no I never work for that.” Then I counter offered a higher rate. The assistant told me she had to get approval and would call me back in the morning.

At this point, the conflict is that yes, I could use the money, and working with this person could open some great doors for me. However, I know that this person is established enough to pay my asking rate. I decided to take my own advice and stand firm on my rate regardless. The next morning, I call the assistant and I ask about the job. The assistant told me she decided not to go with makeup. I took and deep breath and said, “thank you anyway” and hung up the phone. For a slight second, I felt disappointed. I knew this could have been a great contact. Then I thought, “I did the right thing by not caving in.” I new that the artist could afford the rate and I really was worth what I was asking. Just as soon as I finished that thought, the phone rang. The assistant was on the phone and told me they changed their mind and to come in for the shoot.

I felt not only relieved but empowered. I took a chance, stood up for myself, and got the rate I asked for! So now, I have not only taken my own advice, but I put it to the test and proved that it works. You may not get the job this way every time, but at least you are not devaluing yourself. The truth is that people will respect you more if you stand your ground. And if they walk away, maybe it was just for the best. I know that I have been doing this long enough where I deserve to be paid for my experience and expertise. So what is your experience and expertise worth to you?

For expertise advice on negotiating rates watch our virtual classroom workshop with Cloutier Agency:

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick


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