Reinvent Yourself In 2010

I was on set this morning and the caterer all of people made a very valid point about creating an image in Hollywood. I know that it may sound strange that the caterer was handing out advice on self-image, but she used to manage top recording artists in her early days in Hollywood. As the caterer and I talked, she gently pointed out how she was surprised I was the makeup artist for the shoot because I was “dressed down”. She said, “she usually sees the celebrity makeup artists dressed like a million bucks.” I could have take offense if I didn’t already know that she was right. For as long as I have been in Los Angeles I have been dressing for comfort and not for style. I guess it has been a combination of being lazy and heavily influenced by my super casual surroundings. In Hollywood, people wear jeans and flip flops every where they go! It astounds me that people show up to movie premieres wearing jeans rather than a dress. Where did the glamor go in Hollywood? I guess I can’t really talk because I have been doing what everyone else has been doing. I forget that if you want to work with the celebrities and their people you have to also look the part. It was suggested to me that I take sometime in 2010 to reinvent myself and my image if I want to attract better clients. Now, I never show up looking like what the cat dragged in but I do dress for comfort. I was told that I should take some time add some more style to my wardrobe and add some highlights to my hair. It may sound strange, but this is Los Angeles where image is everything. And if you want to run with the movers and shakers, you have to look like them as well. It may sound crazy but I know this personal Makeup Artist for a well know dance show. She dresses to the nines every time I see her. Her hair is perfect and she always looks hot, but more importantly she works all the time! So maybe there is something to be said about creating an image for yourself by the way you show up dressed to work. It certainly is something to consider when you are out networking in this town. So I suggest we take the artist manager turned caterers advice and reinvent ourselves in 2010. Think about where you want your career to be and project an image that will make you stand out. After all your image is your brand!

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick

February 18, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . Hair & Makeup Jobs, Hair & Makeup Marketing, Networking, Working as a Hair or Makeup Artist.

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  1. Alisa K. replied:

    Great words of advice for all to think about. I grew up in LA, now living in Denver I find I miss the fashion. People here say ” It’s because it’s cold that we don’t dress up.”
    I say “It’s truly cold in NY and they dress?” Remember the days of true style and glamor. Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood glamor at it’s best. You would never see them out at a gala in jeans. Now when you go to the theater in any city it is rare to see someone dressed for the occasion.
    When I started Esthetique studios in 1998 I wanted to make a difference in my clients lives. Treating on aesthetic level with beauty and fitness was not enough. What I mean is , how many times have you met a beautiful woman, got to know her and suddenly the beauty didn’t stand out anymore? Beauty is the whole package inside out.
    So many of the woman I meet don’t feel comfortable in their skin. They have been so busy building their career, nurturing their marriage and raising children,that time passes and before they know it they have lost a sense of self.
    As we evolve it is important for us to take the time out and ask ourselves what do we want to show the world and how do we want others to view us? This can be easier said than done, however if you don’t invest time and effort why should anyone else?
    In the beauty industry people are looking to us for direction. We must know where we are going before we can give clear directions

    Develop and design the person you want the world to see.

    Alisa K

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