The Importance of Defining a Career Path

I often meet up with our network members to have one-on-one talks about their career. One of the first things I ask is, “what is your ultimate career goal?” Meaning, do you see yourself working in film/ television or do you see yourself working on national print campaigns? I recently met up with a young aspiring artist who said she wanted to work in film and television, but she was trying to build up a print portfolio so she could get more national advertising jobs. I asked, “I thought your said you ultimately wanted to work in film and television. She responded, I do but national advertising pays a lot.” I told her, “ I understand that but it takes a lot of time and energy to build a portfolio. I’m just afraid you are going to waist your time spinning your wheels.”

The point to this is that you should decide where you ultimately where you want your career to take you. Once you decide that, every choice you make should feed into that end goal. If you want to work in film and television then don’t spend a whole lot of time building a print portfolio. Everything you do and every career choice you make should bring you a step closer to getting to where you want to be. If film and television work is where you want to be then all your job choices should be centered around building a fantastic resume and getting into the union.

Avoid the pitfalls of being too scattered. When you are all over the map it simply takes you much longer to reach your destination. It’s like deciding to take a trip to Mexico from Los Angeles and deciding to visit the Aspen Colorado along the way. You may get to Mexico but it will just take a long time to get there.

When you decide your end goal, the steps to get there will become clearer to you. Every choice should bring you closer and closer to your dream. So make sure you make choices that are constantly feeding your focus.

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