How to Cold Call to Get Hair & Makeup Jobs

So what is a cold call you might ask? A cold call is a common term used in business that refers to calling people you don’t know in order to find work. I know it may not sound appealing. To some of you it probably sounds down right frightening. I once had an assistant who didn’t even feel comfortable calling up new members of The Hair & Makeup Artist Network to welcome them to the network. She said, “I don’t like those types calls where your are telling them, hi I’m calling you, you don’t know me, but….” It was simply too far outside of her comfort zone to do it. But what if you don’t have any clients and you really don’t know a whole lot of people who can refer you work? What do you do? This is something you will have to face at some point of your career if not many times. We are self-employed. This means we have to hunt down the work. I don’t care if you are just getting out of school or if you have been working for a while. You will have to hustle to get the jobs and it doesn’t stop. Clients come and go. Production companies open and close and production people change jobs everyday. So the job search never stops. Here is how you find the job through cold calling:

1. Decide what type of work you really want to do (film, TV, print, commercial celebrity)
2. Make a list of companies or photographers you would like to work for
3. Call the company and find out who hires for Hair or Makeup (if you already don’t know)
4. Ask the person if they are crewing up for anything in the near future or ask if they have any projects coming up
5. Tell the person you would like to send over a link to your website
6. Only send a link to the page/ pages that are most relevant to the work the company or photographer does (if you can)
7. Ask what is the best way and time to follow up
8. Add this person or company into your contact database (outlook or entourage is really great for this)
9. Make a note to follow up at the time suggested in the conversation
10. Make sure you follow up on a regular basis (this is best either once a month or especially when you have new work to show)

It may sound scary or dull to do but this is how all businesses operate across the globe. If you want the clients you have to be proactive and persistent! If you aren’t willing to do this and the phone isn’t ringing with job offers, you have no one but your self to blame for your lack of employment. You can convince yourself there isn’t any work and blame it on the economy but the truth is that you create your own reality so make the cold calls. You will be glad you did.

Michelle Lee
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Networking with LA Femme Filmmakers

So you want to work in in the film industry and you don’t know where to be begin. It all starts with who you know and what happens if you don’t know anyone? You have to network! That means you have to go to as many events in your area as possible, have lunch with people who’s work you admire, and join as many organizations you can afford to. This month we are co-hosting an event with the director of LA Femme Film Festival to provide networking opportunities with filmmakers. We are expecting over 150 people to attend. Please join us for food, drinks, and networking with Hollywood directors, producers, and more.

In addition to our networking event in May, The Hair & Makeup Artist Network website has a list of additional networking opportunities in your area. Please visit

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Do You Know How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is by understanding a bit about business and keeping your artistry skills current. The most successful artists in our industry are the ones who understand this very basic concept. Never let your successes go to your head to the point where you think you don’t need to learn anything new, and never get too comfortable with your existing clients. Trends change rapidly in the fashion and beauty world and so do the people who hire you. My philosophy is that you always have something to learn from someone else (even your assistant), and you have to stay head of the competition through education. You do do this through product, business, and continuing artistry education. It’s not enough to just be a good artist. You must be a shrewd business person as well. This means that you must know your industry inside and out. By doing this, you will have the respect and loyalty of your clients.

One of The Hair & Makeup Artist Network membership perks is having unlimited artistry and business education through our virtual classroom. We have classes with top artists and industry experts and you can watch them at home. Visit:

Or to learn more about paid membership perks visit:

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Do You Know Who Hires For Hair & Makeup?

Most people who have worked in the entertainment industry a while definitely know who to send their resume to. However, I recently noticed in my blog search someone was inquiring on “who hires for hair and makeup?” So for this reason, I’m going to address this issue. Who hires freelance hair and makeup artists can vary widely depending upon budget and the medium you are working in. Here is the break down:

1. Most of the time it will be the photographer who will hire you, but sometimes it will be the art director or another hair or makeup artist.
2. If you are working with a celebrity, the celebrity’s publicist or “people” will hire you.
3. Catalogue on occasion might be the publicity firm or department but most of the time it will the photographer
4. Sometime the designer will hire you directly
5. In magazines sometimes it could be the magazine editor but most of the time the photographer will hire you

1. Bride
2. Wedding Planner
3. Salon
4. Photographer referral

Commercial/Music Video:
1. Makeup or Hair Artist (you assisting)
2. Director requests you
3. Producer
4. Art Director
5. Production Coordinator
6. Production Manager
7. The Music Label or Management Group
8. The Talent Requesting You

Much of the time it will be the same as commercial and music video, but you can also submit to the VP or Head of Production

Music Tours:

Sometimes the manager of the artist, but most of the time it will be the tour manager.

As you can see, its really important to do your home work when promoting yourself. Make sure you don’t waste your time by sending your portfolio/resume to the wrong person. In my experience, if you don’t ask the right questions about who hires for a particular project, you could end up following up with the wrong person and no one will tell you otherwise. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about who hires when calling a production company. But more than likely, you are going to have to target specific directors, producers, and department heads that you want to work with. It is then your job to find a way to contact them, network, and build a relationship with that person.

For more information on this topic watch our virtual classroom video on “Creating A Hair or Makeup Portfolio With Cloutier Agency”

Michelle Lee
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Are Your Self Promotion Methods Working For You?

I see hair and makeup artists using their social networking websites as substitute for a personal website all the time and it drives me crazy! Social networking websites are great for online marketing but they are not substitute for a personal one. I know websites are expensive, but they are a long term investment in your business. The first thing you have to realize is that your freelance work is a business so you need to treat it like one. Can you imagine if Mac Apple displayed all their company and product information only on Facebook? If they did, would you take that company seriously? I wouldn’t! I would think that they were an inexperience rinky-dink company with little experience in the market place. The same thing is true with your marketing tools. Your website is a representation of you. In fact, in this day and age, websites really have replaced the tradition portfolio. It is what you send to potential employers to review you work and presentation is everything.

My advice is to take the time to create promotional materials that best represent your style and personality. This means you should package yourself in a way that says, “I know what I’m doing.” Your business card, comp cards, demo real, and website should be clean, easy to understand, and have some sort of uniformity to it. In fact, unless you are lucky enough to have been working for twenty years and have clients calling you, I think a logo is a smart investment as well. The idea behind the creating a logo is to brand yourself so you can stand out from the competition. I have a logo. Its on my Facebook page, my business cards, comp cards, demo reel, and website. My logo is my brand recognition and your website needs to yours.Your website should clean, easy to navigate, and have large visible photos of your work. It should contain not only your portfolio images, but your bio, contact information, resume, demo reel, and any press info as well. Each page should be search engine friendly and have its own web address. The individual web addresses are important so you can email specific pages of your work to prospective clients. People are busy and they have a short attention span. They are more likely to view your work if you show them only what is relevant to what they are looking for. They are not going to take the time to look at your work if they have to sort through your Myspace or Facebook profile for it. A website is like getting furniture. You are going to have it for a long time so make sure you spend the money to get something you really like.

For help with your website and promotional materials visit us at:

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What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by. This year will be my 10th year living in Los Angeles. It’s true, things have been rough out there. I think now is the time to step back from everything and rethink your career in 2010. Ultimately, where do you want your career to take you? Once you have decided that then you can start to formulate a plan of attack:

1. Ask yourself where do you want to be five years from now or ten years? Do you want to be with an agency in join the union?

2. Decide what it is you are really great at doing and what do you want to be most known for in your industry – from there you can start to brand yourself

3. Create career goals for yourself on a monthly and yearly basis that will help you get to where you want to be much faster

4. Create a budget for yourself and stick to it. Once you understand what your living expenses are then you can figure out how much money you can afford to spend on self-promotion.

5. Do some research on the on what economic trends can impact your profession. This may seem boring but its better to know and be prepared rather than be a struggling artist

6. Don’t forget to include networking into your budget – it can be your biggest promotion tool as a freelancer

7. Diversify your income. Don’t rely solely on your craft for income

The saying goes, “If you fail to plan then you can plan to fail.” All successful business are well thought out so plan things well. If this is all overwhelming to you, then you should consider getting a career consultant. The Hair & Makeup Artist Network has consultants to help you will all aspects of your career. Whether it’s help with self promotion, career strategy, or branding and publicity, we can help.

To start the new year out right visit: or call 323 913 9375.

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Do you wonder why people don’t take your job seriously?

new photo of me 2I have had a lot of people complain that their friends and family members don’t take their career choice seriously. I guess when you think about it, telling someone you are a hair or makeup artist sounds like you a bunch of fluff or make believe. And in all honesty, a lot of people who hire us don’t really value what we do either. They have no idea how long it takes for us to do our jobs or how much our kits cost. Many people think of hiring a hair or makeup artist as an unnecessary expense. To make it worse, they call us the glam squad, the powder puff squad, vanities, or worse, fluff and puff. All of these terms just reinforce the idea that we are all just a bunch of airheads working a trivial profession. Although, I really don’t think it helps when act like a bunch of flakes. I have more clients complain that makeup/hair takes forever to invoice and then they expect immediate payment. I even have one client who is loyal to me because she has had too many other makeup artists not bother to show up for a live shoot. Many artists complain that they aren’t working but then don’t bother to even attend our networking events. I hear artists all the time say,”they just aren’t good at self-promotion”, but then they wonder why they are still working a day job.

Listening to these stories, it’s no wonder why the people who hire us don’t take us seriously. If you want respect to have to command it by being a business professional and not a flaky artist! If you want the producers, talent managers, and celebrity publicists to take your call then you must prove yourself to be someone of value to them. They only want to deal with people who have something to offer them or their clients. The producer and publicists are the networkers and hustlers of this town, and they only want to deal with people on their level. So if you want them to do business with you, rise to their level and learn to play the game. Don’t be unreliable or unprofessional. So, if you say you are going to call someone at a certain time, follow through with the call. If the invoice is due after a job, send it over immediately along with your W9 form. If you want to network with the pros, learn to give a little to get a little. People will be more open to do business with you if they feel you have something to ofter them. And the operative word in this sentence is doing business with you. Having someone hire you implies neediness. Doing business with someone implies a give and take relationship. When you approach your work with this mentality, then people will start to our profession with respect.

Michelle Lee
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Hollywood Hair & Makeup Artists Give Back!

Microsoft Word - About UBCF and FAQ.docI’ve been working as a Makeup Artist for nearly fifteen years now, and most of what I do is pamper other people. I think it’s good karma to be of service to other people. I was just working with 70’s sensation,Yvonne Elliman over the weekend and she told me something that really resonated with me. I was asking her if she still kept in touch with her castmates from “Jesus Christ Superstar” and she said, “No, we all just seem to somehow go back to our own lives, but she read somewhere that Ben Vereen mentioned if he was ever stranded on an island somewhere, he would want it to be with her.” I said, “Wow, that’s a great testament to you and how you can touch someone’s life that much without realizing it.” The point is, Yvonne hasn’t really seen Ben Vereen that much over the past few years, but he still remembers her with warm regards. Yvonne didn’t even realize that she left that much of an impression on him, but she did touch his life.

You can make a difference in someone’s life with just a small gesture and this gesture can stay with a person for a lifetime. For this reason, The Hair & Makeup Network has teamed up with the United Breast Cancer Foundation to provide a day of pampering to low income women afflicted with breast cancer. Details are as follows:

Sunday October 25th 2009

Mothership Salon: 6111 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90048
12pm to 4:30pm – 50 women will be receiving haircuts, makeup, and massages
6:30pm to 9:30pm – Pink Carpet Cocktail Reception
Cocktails Provided by Pama Liqueur and Appetizers Provided by Trader Joes
Surprise Celebrity Guests are Expected to Attend
Tickets are $50 (1/2 of the proceeds go to the charity)
Silent Auction will be held. 100% of the silent auction proceeds benefit the foundation.

To RSVP or donate- call 323 913 9375

We will also be needing volunteers for the event!

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick

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Networking To Increase Your Business

new photo of meIts been almost three two years since I started The Hair & Makeup Artist Network and it certainly has not been without its challenges. I think the most challenging part is that I have created something entirely new. When I say “new”, I means there isn’t anything out there quite like what we are offering. My vision is to start a network that offers one resource for all your freelance business needs. I envision a resource where there are networking events, information about what is happening in your area, marketing services, website design, business education, and business resources.

It’s hard being a freelance artist, and in many ways it can be very isolating. The problem is that artists aren’t business people, but the reality is that you are running a business. What’s even harder is trying to get artists to change the way they approach their craft. I have often heard artists complain that there isn’t any work or they feel that there isn’t any respect for the work they do. However, I have over and over again watched artists not show up for networking opportunities or behave in ways that aren’t professional. The reality is that no one is going to take you seriously if you don’t act like a business professional. You can’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring, you can’t rely completely on an agent to get you work, and you can’t make appointments with people then constantly reschedule and expect for someone to take you seriously. Working as a freelance artist is a business. If you want respect and if you want to work, you must learn how to run a business -period!

If you are not willing to self-promote then you need to chose another profession. Self-promotion is a very long term ongoing commitment. It’s not something you can do once or twice then quit once you have achieved your goal. It’s not something that you can expect to do one time and receive instant results from. You have to approach it like a business. Taco Bell has been a successful business for over 20 years yet they still continue to advertise. Why, they advertise so they can keep people coming back, and they want to attract new customers. They don’t put out one ad campaign and wait for people to come. It works they same way with getting work as a freelance artist. You have to keep advertising and networking. Networking is not something that necessarily generates instant results. It is a long term ongoing commitment to your business. You go to networking parties to meet people and build relationships. Relationships take time build. And just because the party you went to didn’t have Ron Howard begging for your card doesn’t mean it was a waist of time. You never know who knows who or where your next job will come from. Here are a few networking tips:

* Go to every networking party or dinner you can
* Pass out your card to everyone but more importantly get their business card
* Follow up with the people you have met right away and continue to stay in contact with them at least by email
* Don’t go to just one event and decide networking didn’t work for you
* It’s ok to spend money on networking – think of it as investment in your business
* Make sure you get a receipt for any thing purchased (food, drinks, networking admission) – It’s all tax deductible

We offer networking events every month. Next month we are co-sponsoring networking parties for both LA Femme Film Festival and Sreamfest LA. For more info visit:

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Why Are Good Job Postings For Makeup & Hair Hard To Find?

michelle5I talk to so many artists who are in the industry and they are always looking online for job postings. Most of them will tell you that they go onto Craigslist, Myspace, Facebook, and other sites, but they just can’t find posting for high paying work on these sites. In fact, in the beginning I used to go on these sites myself looking for work. I did actually get a couple of jobs that payed $300 for the day, but that was just extremely unusual.

The more I talk to people in this industry who hire makeup and hair professionals, such as producers, directors, publicists, and so on, the more I understand why good job postings are so hard to find. The main reason is that there is just so much at risk when it comes to entertainment industry jobs. You really have to stop and realize what is at stake for the person who is hiring you. For films, it has taken that filmmaker a lot of time, effort, and convincing to get people to give them the funding to finance their project to begin with. This means that when they start filming there just isn’t a whole lot of room for error. In commercials, the client is paying thousands (if not millions) of dollars to produce that one commercial. When celebrities are involved, that celebrity’s image is on the line.

Let’s face it, the job of a Hair or Makeup Artist is such a crucial part of the production. Your work is seen by everyone because is out there on the talent for the world to see, and if you mess up, it can ruin the entire project (and reshoots are very expensive). There is so much riding on every aspect of the production going smoothly. This might sound a bit over-dramatic, but careers are at stake and this industry moves at a fast pace. There is not time to interview thirty people for the job and hope it works out. That is why the person who hires you can’t just post a job and hire anyone. This is an extremely competitive industry. For every director, producer, and photographer out there, there are a thousand more waiting to take their place. One false move can ruin a career. For this reason, people want a referral and not a job posting. That is why agents and networking are king in the world of entertainment. You want a job in this industry, you have to network and self-promote. Period.

Of course, The Hair & Makeup Artist Network has job postings, but they are really few and far between. The majority of the work that comes to the members of our Network are through referrals or networking. Yes, people call us looking for a Hair or Makeup Artist, but they just seem to want the referral rather than blindly posting a job. That is why networking is soooo important.

If you are interested in setting up a networking event in your area contact us by visiting:

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