The Power of Networking with Your Peers

I was recently told by an artist they didn’t feel like our networking events were working for them because it was “just a bunch of Makeup Artists standing around staring at each other.” Yes we are a network of Makeup Artists and if you attend one of our events you will find yourself in a room full of your peers. I think the real problem isn’t that our networking events are filled with a room full of other artists. I think the issue is that Hair & Makeup Artists are under the misconception that all fellow artists are just their competition. But here are the hard facts: most of your work is going to come from other artists.

1. Film & Television Hair/Makeup Artists work in crews and that crew has a department head or a key that will hire you (not the producer).
2. Makeup Artists often bring the hairstylist onto a project (and vice versa) so take the time to network with them.
3. Network with more established artists (they often need an assistant or extra person on a job).
4. There are many times I am unable to do a job and I pass off work to other artists I know and trust with my clients.

Networking is sometimes an uncomfortable thing. It forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to strangers. It’s not that networking with your peers doesn’t work because it does. It usually isn’t working because either you feel too awkward to introduce yourself or you feel intimidated by other artists. Or maybe it’s not working for you because you just don’t know how to network.

1. You have to feel confident enough to introduce yourself to others.
2. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you do and ask to trade work with them.
3. Don’t just give someone your card and expect they will magically call you. You have to ask for their card, make a note on the back about where you met, and take the time to follow-up with them.
4. Don’t just keep bugging people for work. Take the time to build the relationship with them over a period of time (lunch, dinner, drinks, event invites).

If networking with your peers isn’t working for you then I would reevaluate your approach. Start by building your networking of peers with a group of five people. Pass off a job with one or two of them and see what starts to happen. I’m sure you will start to see your jobs increase. And if you don’t, you need a new network of artists (either ones who are working or know how to network). Take these steps and your career will turn a corner, I promise.


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What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by. This year will be my 10th year living in Los Angeles. It’s true, things have been rough out there. I think now is the time to step back from everything and rethink your career in 2010. Ultimately, where do you want your career to take you? Once you have decided that then you can start to formulate a plan of attack:

1. Ask yourself where do you want to be five years from now or ten years? Do you want to be with an agency in join the union?

2. Decide what it is you are really great at doing and what do you want to be most known for in your industry – from there you can start to brand yourself

3. Create career goals for yourself on a monthly and yearly basis that will help you get to where you want to be much faster

4. Create a budget for yourself and stick to it. Once you understand what your living expenses are then you can figure out how much money you can afford to spend on self-promotion.

5. Do some research on the on what economic trends can impact your profession. This may seem boring but its better to know and be prepared rather than be a struggling artist

6. Don’t forget to include networking into your budget – it can be your biggest promotion tool as a freelancer

7. Diversify your income. Don’t rely solely on your craft for income

The saying goes, “If you fail to plan then you can plan to fail.” All successful business are well thought out so plan things well. If this is all overwhelming to you, then you should consider getting a career consultant. The Hair & Makeup Artist Network has consultants to help you will all aspects of your career. Whether it’s help with self promotion, career strategy, or branding and publicity, we can help.

To start the new year out right visit: or call 323 913 9375.

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick

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Do You Stuggle With Marketing Yourself As A Hair/ Makeup Artist????

I hear it from artists all the time, “Marketing myself is the thing I struggle with the most.” It seems that the average Hair or Makeup Artist just wants to get an agent and not bother with self-promoting. Here is the the harsh reality, agents only want to take on people who are established. This means that you are going to have to get your own clients in the beginning, and a lot of times you will still have to find your own work if you do have an agent. Most of the agents I have talk to tell me it really helps them if their clients continue to network and self-promote. The bottom line is your are just going to have to suck it up and find new ways to get your name out there. Here are some suggestions:

1. Start by doing your homework. Comb trade publications and make phone calls to find out who hires hair and makeup.
2. Create promotional pieces each month or every time you have a new tear sheet or addition to your resume.
3. Mail your latest and greatest work to the people you contacted from the trade publications.
4. Get on every social networking website you can find to help drive traffic to your site.
5. Follow up with the people you have contacted on a monthly basis.
6. Email people your latest work with a link to your website.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Well, yes it is! The way I see it is you can do all this yourself or you can pay other companies to submit your work for you. Either way, it has to be done if you want the job. I think agents are great. It’s what we all aspire to have, but what do you do as you are working your way up to that level in your career? I personally think that marketing and submission services are the wave of the future. If you don’t want to hassle of sending out your work or if your just too busy to do it, then maybe outsourcing the marketing if the answer to your dilemma. It may sound strange to an industry that is so agency minded, but it’s something businesses have been doing since the dawn of time (and it works).

The Hair & Makeup Artist Network has created Marketing and Branding Services for the busy artist. We can send out your latest work for you and keep your name in front of prospective clients. We can even help drive traffic to your website by managing your social networking websites and posting blogs for you. We have many services to help you spend more time working and less time looking for work.

For more information on this visit:

Michelle Lee
Makeup Maverick

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