Do You Know How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is by understanding a bit about business and keeping your artistry skills current. The most successful artists in our industry are the ones who understand this very basic concept. Never let your successes go to your head to the point where you think you don’t need to learn anything new, and never get too comfortable with your existing clients. Trends change rapidly in the fashion and beauty world and so do the people who hire you. My philosophy is that you always have something to learn from someone else (even your assistant), and you have to stay head of the competition through education. You do do this through product, business, and continuing artistry education. It’s not enough to just be a good artist. You must be a shrewd business person as well. This means that you must know your industry inside and out. By doing this, you will have the respect and loyalty of your clients.

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Do You Know Who Hires For Hair & Makeup?

Most people who have worked in the entertainment industry a while definitely know who to send their resume to. However, I recently noticed in my blog search someone was inquiring on “who hires for hair and makeup?” So for this reason, I’m going to address this issue. Who hires freelance hair and makeup artists can vary widely depending upon budget and the medium you are working in. Here is the break down:

1. Most of the time it will be the photographer who will hire you, but sometimes it will be the art director or another hair or makeup artist.
2. If you are working with a celebrity, the celebrity’s publicist or “people” will hire you.
3. Catalogue on occasion might be the publicity firm or department but most of the time it will the photographer
4. Sometime the designer will hire you directly
5. In magazines sometimes it could be the magazine editor but most of the time the photographer will hire you

1. Bride
2. Wedding Planner
3. Salon
4. Photographer referral

Commercial/Music Video:
1. Makeup or Hair Artist (you assisting)
2. Director requests you
3. Producer
4. Art Director
5. Production Coordinator
6. Production Manager
7. The Music Label or Management Group
8. The Talent Requesting You

Much of the time it will be the same as commercial and music video, but you can also submit to the VP or Head of Production

Music Tours:

Sometimes the manager of the artist, but most of the time it will be the tour manager.

As you can see, its really important to do your home work when promoting yourself. Make sure you don’t waste your time by sending your portfolio/resume to the wrong person. In my experience, if you don’t ask the right questions about who hires for a particular project, you could end up following up with the wrong person and no one will tell you otherwise. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about who hires when calling a production company. But more than likely, you are going to have to target specific directors, producers, and department heads that you want to work with. It is then your job to find a way to contact them, network, and build a relationship with that person.

For more information on this topic watch our virtual classroom video on “Creating A Hair or Makeup Portfolio With Cloutier Agency”

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Do You Dream About Creating Your Own Cosmetic Line?

Just about every Hair or Makeup Artist I know wants to create their own cosmetic line, but do you know what really takes to start your own business? I think most people believe that they will find an investor and everything else will fall into place. Yes, it takes money to make money, but you have to be willing to give up your life as you know it in order to run a business. You can plan for your business but, as in life, things may not go as planned. Even so, here are some important steps and things to consider when starting your own line:

1. You must start with research: know what is missing from the market place and fill that need.
2. Keep it simple! Unless you are lucky enough to have several hundred thousand dollars at your disposal then you will probably do most of the work yourself. So, in the beginning start with one or two amazing products and build from there.
3. Take some business and marketing classes. You will need it.
4. Get a website and learn the art of viral marketing.
5. Realize if you do not have a history of running a business, then the start investment will be you, friends/family, or a small business loan from the SBA (small business administration)
6. Realize your business could take at least two years before you break even so plan well!

Several months ago, we held a class on this topic. Robyn Bloom of Purely Cosmetics was gracious enough to teach the class. Robyn is an entrepreneur who started her makeup line from scratch and out of her own pocket. Her insight and success was very informative and inspiring. So much so, we taped the class and added it to our virtual classroom series. The class is nearly two hours long, and you can learn how to create your own line from start to finish from the privacy of your own home. For more on this topic go to:

Other links:
To learn about internet marketing:

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